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Transition from Military to Civ Div

This website is all about what you can achieve when you leave the umbrella of the Military and step into the unknown of civilian life.

This organisation was set up to assist with exactly the mindset of providing some form of valuable insights, networking and signposting for those who needed it.

When you are in the military everything is orders driven until you leave then it is all about you, governing yourself and looking after yourself for once as opposed to being spoon fed by the military.

We hasten to add that this is ideally placed for the ORs and dependants amongst us as we try to come together as a collective to help as we leave.

We cannot reiterate how important it is to ensure you do your 6 x Ps – Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance prior to leaving. You will notice from the testimonials on here that it is very much (though aided by our vast network) a self help exercise therefore please make use of what is potentially at your disposal.

There are lads who left as ORs on here who now are Senior Project Managers in their own right, by quickly seeing that there is a niche for themselves and jumping straight in two feet first to see what it is all about. Never let anyone tell you cannot do anything as you can – Just prove yourself, ask the question if unsure and take it from there. Think Big !!

Also if you ask the question and someone doesn’t know the answer – then through the integrity of the network we will know someone internally who will know the answer. This is a Big challenge and we all like big challenges, within reason to take us forward to what we can achieve.

So do your homework prior to leaving at least 10 – 5 years out from exit depending on your circumstances. This has been a hard earned lesson learnt.

This is a pay it forward system so if you get successful in whatever role you get to then feed it back in so that someone else can profit from your success. This has already happened and people are seeing the benefit from what we have and are achieving.

We are always looking to link up with other organisations to further enhance our drive to better ourselves so there will be some change along the way. Embrace it as it will be for the good and benefit of all.

We can operate either individually or as a group so it’s understanding that you can do it, just try it and if unsure ask for guidance someone will be there to answer your question.

Wishing you all the Best,

The Shield Team


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